The success of any program requires support from a talented, experienced, and understanding technical team. Klein Educational Systems has a team of technical experts who are dedicated to the success of your program and are fully qualified in a wide spectrum of technologies - everything from CNC and Robotics to Green Energy and Computer Programming.

From technical networking and lab security issues to simple gradebook questions, they are specifically trained in working with other technical personnel as well as taking complex topics and making them easy to understand for non-techies. As a teacher or administrator, you don't need to know the complex intricacies of a computer integrated manufacturing solution - it is our responsibility to configure the system and make it easy to understand - to empower your staff in making the program a success for your students.

Our lead Technician has been with us for over four years and brings a very wide range of technical training and experience. With a degree in applied sciences emphasizing power plant operations our technical specialist is up to the challenge! As the premier technical training systems provider in our territory (California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, and Arizona) we work hard to provide a very high level of service and experience!

When it comes to support, it's important to have a team that can back your program with a rapid response and thorough, experienced solutions. Our technical support team is here to serve you. Please feel free to contact them for assistance.


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