Elementary Education

The importance of elementary education cannot be overstated. The ages embracing pre-K through sixth grade are the most formative in a child's academic development. During these years, children learn the basic skills that will guide them through high school, college, and their adult lives. We are committed to making the learning process as productive as possible. Assisting Elementary Schools in Science is our primary focus with our:

    Cloud Based Resources

    Living with Science II has been designed to provide an exciting new teaching resource that links scientific knowledge with practical activities that enable Elementary students to engage in scientific inquiry and Engineering design.

    Learning activities harness the natural inquiry of Elementary students and focuses it on a range of exiting and engaging lessons that combine teacher presentations with hands-on Science and Engineering experiments for students.

    Living with Science II is a unique bilingual (Engish/Spanish) Science teaching resource that already has an impressive track record in improving Science scores for both English- and Spanish-speaking Elementary students.


    A wide range of presentation, investigations and assessments to help develop skills and knowledge in science learning.


    All resources are directly linked to, and driven by, Next Generation and State Science Standards.

    English Language Support

    Resources to help students meet the requirements of Common Core and State ELA integration.

    Math and Science Support

    Lessons in related Mathematics or remedial Science that are linked to the core content.

    Hands-On Tasks

    Hands-on labs and investigations that are linked to the associated core content.



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